FLL Tips & Tricks Number 8: Using Parents Volunteers

#edtech #elemchat #edchat #legorobotics You cannot have a great First LEGO League (FLL) team without some great parent volunteers. There is just way too much work for one coach to do. So the first thing you need to do when you put together your team is to find out what each family is going to bring to the table, every family needs to contribute something. So I make a sign up sheet that has the following categories:

Co-Coach: I need another adult at every meeting, someone to help supervise and make sure that things get done. So if I need to work with two students on getting the robot to pick up an item, the other parent can have the rest of the team and work on the research project. So I have a list of all the weeks and parents can sign up to co-coach.

Snacks: Since most of team practice after school, I make a parent in charge of snacks. They bring something for the kids to munch on before we start our meeting. This is a great one for parents who do not have the time to devote to being a co-coach, they can just buy or make some great snacks and just drop them off at the school.

Hats: Our local qualifying competition already provides us with t-shirts, we usually put a parent in charge of our hats -- something that really makes us stand out. This parent works with our team to design and make cool hats for us to wear at the competition.

Support: This parent works with our team to develop posters, cheers and chants to motivate our team during competition.

So to get the help I need I have these positions posted at the first meeting, once they are filled things just take care of themselves -- don't ever try to do it by yourself. USE YOUR PARENTS!

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