I finally give into using Evernote

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While I was sitting and enjoying the opening keynote for the TIE Colorado conference, I could help but notice that the presenter, Roger Pryor, was wearing a tshirt with a elephant's head printed on it. If fact, he even referred to his shirt a few times in his keynote. The elephant's head is of course the logo for Evernote. I had never really though very much about Evernote, but the keynote references to it were just the beginning. It seamed that everywhere I went this summer I kept running into people that love Evernote.

So take I finally gave in and I downloaded the Evernote app to my iPad, then to my iPhone and then finally to my MacBook. I will install it on my school PC when I get back to work next week. I know nothing about using Evernote so I started with some online tutorials form Atomic Learning. You can see from this image that they had a lot of quick little lesson videos about Evernote. These lessons are part of their much bigger workshop called "The Social and Interactive Web."

I spent about 15 minutes watching the videos all the while pausing every now and then to practice what I had just learned. I am now using Evernote lickety-split. I'm no pro -- but I know way more about Evernote than when I woke up this morning.

Part of being a 21st Century teacher is always being ready to learn new things -- and today I am glad I did, I can already see how this little program is going to help me get a little more organized as  teacher.

- Brad Flickinger, Bethke Elementary School

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