New eBook from Atomic Learning Published

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I opened my email this morning to find that Atomic Learning has published a new free eBook entitled MOVING EDUCATION FORWARD. It is available as a PDF from the link below:

Here is the copy of the email:

This ebook investigates the challenges to effectively using technology in the classroom and discusses key points of an effective technology integration program.

Here's an excerpt from the Preface by Tim Holt:

Would a pilot from, say, 75 years ago feel at home in the cockpit of a modern jet? Would a surgeon from the 1890's be able to operate in a modern operating room? Would a soda jerk from the 50's have any idea how to ring up a sale in a modern McDonalds? I don't think so. Those professionals have moved forward. Moved with technology and adapted their facilities and methodologies to the times.

When will education follow suit?

Atomic Learning is committed to integrating technology into the classroom, and we offer this resource in the spirit of that mission. The ideas presented in this ebook will help you gain the confidence and motivation to use technology to enhance the learning experience.

I am going to download it and review it in a later post.

- Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher, Bethke Elementary School