Tour My School video project

#edtech #edchat

Last week I got an email from the people in charge of video production for our district asking schools to consider having a short intro video on their websites that highlight interesting things about their school. Well, my principal got the same email and asked if this is something I wanted to take on. I thought the idea sounded great so I started to do a little research. My first stop was Atomic Learning, which to no surprise I found that they had a project called Tour My School.

This project had all my work done for me, here is the description from their website:

The example project created for this Lesson Accelerator combines images, narration, and music to produce a video presentation about the student's school. The resulting multimedia slideshow might be used as part of an orientation process to introduce new or prospective students to the school building. Students will learn how to import and edit images, record their voice, add transitions, music, and finally export their project as a movie file. The example project could be easily adapted to present information about your own school, or for projects in any curriculum area that could benefit from integrating images with music and sound.

See, perfect. So for a project that I thought was going to take me hours to figure out and plan, I was now done in 10 minutes. Nice!

- Brad Flickinger, tech teacher, Bethke Elementary School