Getting students to be more than just iPad Neanderthals.

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Many educators believe that students already know how to use their iPads, but the truth is that most students only know what I call "The Neanderthal Basics."

The Neanderthal Basics when it comes to students on iPads are:

Game Play: there is no doubt about it students love to play games on these devices -- so much so in fact, that they don't see the potential for all the things that their iPads can do. If they would just close Angry Birds down for a few minutes they could discover all of the great things their iPad can create.

Music and Videos: Every now and then they turn off a game and then they take a step down and just sit back and watch videos or listen to music.

It is time for our students to evolve and start to see what that thin little device in their hands can do.

As you know from my previous posts, I am working hard on my new iPad Boot Camp. I am designing some of the most amazing projects that will push my students to do more with their iPads. Every time I try a new app, and then I adjust it so that it makes an incredible digital artifact I am blown away at what these little tablets can do.

We are also going to cover the basics operations of their iPads -- turn them into iPads pros. For this I turned to my friends at Atomic Learning. They have a new series on the iPad (updated for iOS 5) that covers it all.

Many of the parents of the students that I have in the boot camp tell me that they are excited for the kids to come, so that they can learn from their kids how to use iPads themselves.

Today I am breaking down each lesson using the UbD lesson planning method so that I know that my student will get the most out of each project.

Stayed tuned,

-Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher, Bethke Elementary School