Teaching Kids with iPads - Part 3 of 5

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Every day we start with about 30 minutes of iPad training -- which is really the nuts and bolts of the Boot Camp. We felt is was important that the students know how to use their iPads like a pro. I don't want them to go home at the end of this week and know how to film and edit movies but don't know how to create folders.
Here is a breakdown of what we cover everyday...
- set up and get on our wireless
- app check (all needed apps)
- set up Gmail account
- set up PogoPlug account
- set up Cinch account
- set up 360 Panorama account
- make new note called Timmy S. Reflection Questions and email the note to me
- take photos (metering)
- photo booth self photo
- downloading photos from websites
- email photos to me
- create folders
- access all running apps
- orientation lock or mute
- quick volume mute
- airplay
- looking at PDFs
- iBooks (download samples from PogoPlug)
- Safari (zooming, quick to top, bookmarks)
- take an screenshot
- turning off your iPad (really turn it off)
- avoiding underpowered USB docks
- use multitasking gestures
- printing with your iPad
- set up Toontastic Toontube account
- keeping apps up to date
- copy and paste
- hidden apostrophe and quotes
- add a period with double-space
- how to split and move the keyboards
- street view on maps
- directions on maps
- forget our wireless
- remove Gmail account
- remove PogoPlug account
- remove Cinch account
- remove 360 Panorama account
- remove Toontastic Toontube account
As you can see, on Friday we will remove the new accounts that we set up on the student's iPads.
To see more about the Boot Camp go to our website: http://www.kidtechcamps.com
Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher, Bethke Elementary School