Wrote my first iBook in 20 minutes!

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Like many of you I watched last week's Apple announcement about the changing of textbooks with somewhat cautious optimism. I think it is about time that the textbook publishers got on board -- so I was happy to see what Apple had put together. But when they showed iBook Author I about fell out of my chair. I have literally been wanting something like this for years.

As soon as the presentation was over I downloaded the free app to my MacBook Pro. Now all I needed was a book to write!

That was when I decided to publish the screenplay to my recent iPhone movie I did during the iPad Boot Camp, The Attack of Robokid. So I opened iBook Author, picked a template, drug my screenplay from Pages into it and Shazam! Instant iBook!

That took care of chapter one, so I then added a chapter with behind the scenes photos done as a slide show -- I had to write a caption for each of the 15 photos, so this took the bulk of the 20 minutes.

I then added a final chapter that had the video of the movie the screenplay is for so the reader could see how we chose to shoot it.

I have to admit it looks great. As it turns out, the next thing I needed was an iTunes Connect account so I can sell it in the iBook Store, so I applied for that, plus ordered an ISBN number and now I am just waiting for everything to go through.

Below is the PDF of the iBook (all the interactive parts are missing, but you will get an idea as to my layout).

- Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher, Bethke Elementary.

iBook Screenplay The Attack of Robokid