iPad vs. laptop Part 1: Storage Solutions

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I believe that I have now gotten to the point of giving up my laptop (MacBook Pro) and just use my iPad 2 for everything that I do. My poor laptop has not left my desk for months, but how do I really get things done (like work) on my measly little iPad (16 GB model)?

Now granted, there are some hurdles you need to overcome before you can take to plunge into the sea of an iPad only lifestyle.

Hurdle Number 1 - STORAGE:

Like I said earlier, I only have a 16 GB iPad, which is not very much when you think of it.  So let's look at what I did to solve this problem...

Solution Number 1 - DROPBOX: Dropbox like many of you already know, is cloud storage for your iPad and other devices, it allows you to easily move files to and from one another. Plus many iPad apps use it for storage, which frees up precious space on your iPad. In fact, as I write this post in the app iA Writer, it is storing in in Dropbox. You might need to pay for larger storage because the free 2 GB can go fast if you are iPad only. More info on Dropbox.

Solution Number 2 - POGOPLUG: You will need PogoPlug in addition to Dropbox. A PogoPlug is a device that plugs into your home network, which you then plug in a hard drive. I bought my PogoPlug for around $75 and I plugged in a 1.5 TB hard drive I had kicking around. I then moved every digital thing I owned onto that drive; music, movies, files, you name it, I put it on that drive. The app on my iPad allows me to access all of these files from any Internet connection in the world.One more important thing about the PogoPlug is that it allows me to sync my photos and videos to it from my iPad and iPhone. Since I shoot a lot of photos and videos on my two iDevices, this was a critical component to freeing up storage space. I just sync and then delete the originals off my iDevices. Ahhh, sweet free space. More info on PogoPlug.

Solution Number 3 - ITUNES MATCH: I personally thingk that my PogoPlug does the work on iTunes Match for me, but some of you might want to add this to your iPad only world. iTunes Match allows you to access all of your music from all of your iDevices, which again, frees up space on your iPad. More info on iTunes Match. Updates (2/4/12): I recently purchased iTunes Match because the PogoPlug did not keep my playlists and iTunes Match improved my music (better file type). Now I can access my entire library from anywhere with Internet.

Although I do not mention it as a solution, I do use the basic iCloud account to sync my iWork documents. I feel using iCloud with the iPad is just a given -- with all that it will do to sync your info between all of your devices, it is a must have.

In the next post I will tackle the controversial issue of whether or not to use an external keyboard with you iPad. (Hint, hint, you're not going to like what I am going to say).

- Brad Flickinger, tech teacher, Bethke Elementary School.

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