One Step Closer to My First Book on iBooks Using iBook Author

#edtech #ipaded #appleed

A few days after Apple announced their new style of digital textbooks and their new iBook Author app that allows anyone to make their own iBooks, I gave it a try and had my first book ready to publish in 20 minutes (using pre-written content -- obviously).

However, when I clicked "Publish" that was when I hit the iBooks-wall. I then had to apply to get my iTunes Connect account (this happened on January 23). I kept checking my email, but nothing -- finally, just out of frustration, I tried to log into iTunes Connect account and it allowed me in (February 1)! So it turned out I was approved. I then filled in my legal and banking info for taxes and stuff, downloaded iTunes Publisher (who knew?), went and got an ISBN for my book and then I could finally go to iBook Author and click "Publish," and it worked! I filled in the details and SHAZAM! it is now in the que for quality review and soon (don't know how long) it will be in the iBook Store.

I'll keep you posted and let you know when it gets into the iBook Store. Then you can buy a copy to support my teaching habit.

- Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher, Bethke Elementary School

Update: By 3:00 PM today I checked my iTunes Connect account and it says that my book is in iBooks, but when I checked with my iPad I still couldn't see it.