My First Book made with iBook Author now for sale

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Yesterday afternoon when I got home from teaching I had my son check the iBooks store on his iPad and my book was there!

I immediately made him buy it. Sweet, I just made $1.40 from my son.

Although I have another book already in the iBooks store, this was the first one I made with iBook Author and published myself. What a great feeling. Now all I need are customers and reviews, so crack open your wallets, all you blog readers and spend $1.99 on my screenplay for kids (come on - help a teacher out). Here is a link to my book:

The Attack of Robokid

Don't forget to go back and give it a glowing review ;).

- Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher (and now iBook author), Bethke Elementary School

One thing to note: yesterday I could not get it to display information about the book, but this morning it did. So it looks like my book made it into the iBook store within 36 hours of me uploading it. Not bad Apple.