Educational Technology Bill of Rights for Students Part II

#edtech #mlearning #edchat Wow! I must have hit a nerve with educators when I wrote my first draft of the Education Technology Bill of Rights for Students last month.

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I got a boat load of emails (about 90% positive and 10% negative), and based those emails I would like to add these to the original:

11) I have the right to use the cloud. I hate to save things on the school's server, especially since I cannot get to it from home. In the world I live in I can access my files from any computer from anywhere, that's why I love the cloud. Which is why I get so mad when DropBox and others things like that are blocked. And no, I will not save it to a flashdrive. I'm a kid, I lose, break, wash, etc. flashdrives like nobody's business. Oh, and by the way, I love Google Docs and hate MS Word. Just to be clear. There is a bad side to cloud computing -- I can't really tell you that I left that file at home or that the file I made a home is not compatible with the school's computer. Which has been a great excuse for forgotten work for years.

12) I have the right to use alternative forms of data entry. For example if I want to use my thumbs to enter in my essay -- don't freak out. My thumbs can handle it. Or if I want to dictate my essay to my device -- that should be okay too. The world is not going to end because I don't hand-write my rough draft. I still believe in nice handwriting, but cursive is dead, so quit trying to kick this dead horse back to life.

13) I have the right to use apps that cost money. Don't tell me to, or make me use only cheesy free apps, when a $2 app will do a 1000 times better of a job for a project I am working on. We don't have to only use only free stuff (I know some are good). Because when I listen to you tell me to use only free apps when I have a $5 Starbucks in my hand, it seems sort of silly. I can handle a $2 or $3 app.

So here are another three, keep the ideas coming.

- Brad Flickinger, Bethke Elementary School