Crossing the Chasm

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Two days ago while I was stuck in the Managua, Nicaragua airport desperately trying to find a book to read for the flights back home to Colorado, I decided to check the blog at Atomic Learning which it when I came across a post by Kristi Gottwalt about a new book:

Are you dreading implantation of your organization’s latest technology updates? There may be help for you in the book “Crossing the Chasm” by Geoffrey A. Moore. The book is intended for organizations that market and sell “disruptive” products to mainstream customers. While your organization may not be selling in a traditional sense, advice from experts may be the key to get your team onboard with a new technology implementation.

What does it mean to cross the chasm? The theory indicates there are several different types of people when it comes to technology adoption. Innovators and Early Adopters embrace change. In the bell curve of technology adoption, there is then a chasm. This is the home of failed technology implementations. If the chasm can be crossed, the remaining characters on the technology adoption life cycle will accept technology change.

I downloaded the book to my Kindle app on my iPad and started to read it while waiting for my flight to board. By the time my section was called I was already mad. I was mad about this book because I could have used this information years ago!

- Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher, Bethke Elementary School

(The photo is of a little girl I met in the market in Granada, she told me I speak Spanish like a baby.)