Pondering a Recent Webinar


Last week I attended the Atomic Learning webinar called "Panel Discussion: Aligning Curriculum and Technology" that my wife participated in as one of the panelists. She works in my district as the person in charge of tech integration and training, so she is very passionate about this subject to say the least. As you can imagine, this is a really current topic with a lot of school districts across the country as we try to catch up with our students and their own tech skills.

The discussion focused on how to use and integrate technology in our everyday lessons to  engage our students more. There were examples given on the success that many schools have seen. I was impressed with the examples that showed academic growth through the use of technology -- we could all use some of that. They did talk about the challenge of getting a district's curriculum people to work with the technology people on common goals. The webinar viewers submitted questions that the panelist took the time to answer -- and relate too as well.

Although my wife and I talk about  these different ideas at our dinner table most nights, it was interesting to hear how these ideas bounced around the panel of participants. By the end of the webinar you could feel the sense of urgency about the desperate need that we have to get technology into most aspects of education. Technology is no longer a separate subject being taught in it's own room. Instead, it should be everywhere, that's what students want. The problem is that until we stop looking at it as a separate subject, it is hard for us to more forward.

We need to all be technology teachers!

-Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher, Bethke Elementary School