Getting Ready for ISTE 2012

#edtech #edchat

I just reserved my hotel room for ISTE 2012 and I am starting to freak out. I don't know why, but I am really excited about this year's conference. It might be because I use the annual ISTE conference as the charger for my edtech batteries. Usually by the time I finish the school year I am brain-fried, and I find myself lacking inspiration for what to do next with my students. But then I go to ISTE...

I mostly go to ISTE conferences for two main reasons:

1) First and foremost I go to be inspired, and I never know where this inspiration will come from. Sometimes it happens in a conference session or at a keynote, but more often than not it happens when I am just visiting with fellow attendees.

2) My second reason is to steal ideas, I am under a lot of pressure to be the "Techie Guy" in my school and I need to find some good ideas to steal and make them my own. My principal might ask where I got the idea to use LEGO WeDo or something like that and I just say, "Oh, it just came to me one day."

So beware fellow attendees of ISTE, watch what you say when you are around me, you never know when I might just be inspired to use our steal your ideas.

- Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher, Bethke Elementary School