Learn the Top Ten Strategies to Stop Bullying at School

#edtech Stopping bullying at school has always been a challenge, more so now than ever. Finding solutions to the bullying problem isn’t easy, but for educators willing to look, there is help.

“There’s good reason that we’re hearing about bullying now more than ever,” says Chet Linton, CEO of PD developer School Improvement. “ Studies show that with the advent of the Internet, incidents of bullying at school are on the rise. That’s why our company has brought in some of the leading experts on bullying intervention to help create a series of professional development videos that instruct educators in strategies for stopping bullying at school.”

The videos, which are now available on PD 360, School Improvement Network’s premier online professional development platform, describe:

  • How to identify the characteristics of students who are vulnerable to bullying at school
  • How to identify the characteristics of students who tend to act out as bullies
  • Key factors in cyber bullying
  • Top ten strategies to stop bullying at school

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