Filmmaking with Kids and iPads

#edtech #mlearning #ipaded

Yesterday after school my fourth-quarter filmmaking group made up of fourth and fifth grade students, met for the first time to start filming "The Ghost of Bethke." Although we have been writing the script and planning the movie for the past few weeks, this was the first time we met to start filming, but this time there is a twist. This time we are filming our movie exclusively on a new iPad (the iPad 3). I was impressed with the new camera on this iPad and I wanted to see if a movie could really be shot and edited on it.

There were a few things we added to the iPad to make filming with it easier. First, we added a wide-angle lens (magnetic) to the lens of the new iPad. Next, we added a Tascam iM2 directional microphone so that we would get better sound. And finally we added a tripod mount to keep the iPad steady.

I must admit, filming was easy on the new iPad, the big screen made it easy for me as the teacher to check to make sure our 10-year camera operator had a good shot. We could also easily review a shot to show our actors what needed to be fixed for the next take. It is nice to be able to gather 8 or 9 students around the iPad to explain something. At first I though the big screen of the iPad would make it awkward, but it turned out to be very helpful.

We should wrap up filming by the end of May, but I will keep you posted as we continue filming and editing on the new iPad.

- Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher, Bethke Elementary