Teaching Students with iPads

#edtech #ipaded #mlearning

Teaching students with iPads is like nothing I have ever done in the past 13 years as a teacher. Although I have been stuck in the honeymoon stage with the iPad since I got the first generation a couple of years ago, I never imagined some of the things that kids are capable of doing with iPads. I admit at first I thought that kids would just use their iPads to do a little research on the web, but they were not happy with just browsing the web, they wanted to do so much more.

So I found a teleprompter app and started to have the students do a live news show. We soon realized that the mic on the iPad was a little too good, it picked up everything in the room, so we plugged in the iRig mic which turned out to be perfect. I am thinking about adding training on shooting news with iPads as cameras and teleprompters as part of my Teaching with iPads workshops. Here are some photos of the kids using their iPads to film their own news show.