Why my school uses Atomic Learning #43

#edtech #edchat #atomiclearning I just got this email from Atomic Learning, which is weird because I was just talking about needing to connect technology with the new Common Core Standards  last month with my teachers...

Fact: Technology is a key component in 5 of the 6 High School Math Standard Domains

Many of the Common Core State Standards identify technology as a key component to achieve the objectives embedded within the standards.

At Atomic Learning, we know and share your passion for creating tech embedded classrooms. That's why we developed the Atomic TechCore solution, a set of collaborative planning tools that assist school leaders in building and executing a solid Common Core implementation roadmap.

The Atomic TechCore solution includes:

  • Planning tools for school leaders that call out standards with tech components
  • Professional development to assist teachers in creating and aligning tech-empowered lessons
  • Pre-built tech-empowered lesson plans for teachers to use in the classroom
  • And more—all wrapped up in a single CCSS tool suite for your district.

Let us help you succeed in meeting Common Core requirements through tech integration. Request a demonstration of the Atomic TechCore solution today!