What the heck is ISTE Quest 2012?

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Last week at TIE Colorado I tried a social media game as part of some research I am doing for this blog. I used Twitter as the platform but unfortunately we had changed over to using Edmodo for the conference and no one was really using Twitter. TIE Colorado was the testing ground and I did learn a lot from that dry run and the few people that participated. Now that ISTE 2012 is finally here I hope to find out even more about how teachers can use social media to have fun while they learn new tech skills with ISTE Quest 2012.

Here is what my Posterous website says it is...

This year's ISTE Quest is a social media game that is a mixture of The Amazing Race, a scavenger hunt, a flash mob and Improv Comedy.

With that said, join the quest and see just how much fun you can have with social media and learning.

ISTE Quest 2012

- Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher, Bethke Elementary School