On the Road to Podstock 2012

#edtech #podstock

The drive today from my house in Northern Colorado to Wichita, KS for Podstock is 9 hours. Which has given me a lot of time to think. I am finally in Old Town, Wichita at the tasty restaurant Cafe Moderne taking advantage of both their incredible menu and their free WiFi.

You see, this Thursday I give the opening keynote for Podstock, which has caused me to rehearse it over and over again in my head during the drive out here. I am sure that the people on the interstate with me thought I was nuts talking to myself as I cruised across the pains of Colorado and Kansas.

In this keynote I am giving is totally new information that I have not shared before. Some of the ideas I am presenting are things that I have been working on for years. I am going to finally share some of the secrets that I have been using to get my students to do amazing edtech projects like movies and podcasts.

I have been reluctant to share these ideas in the past because many of them were unproven - and maybe just a flash-in-the-pan - and not a sustainable program. I have also struggled with how to articulate these ideas into something that is easy for other teachers to replicate without being just another "program."

I am happy to report that everything has come together for me in the past 90 days. I finally have such a large body of evidence that supports my ideas and beliefs, that I now have all the missing pieces in place.

I even got a few new insights as the corn fields passed by - who knew that corn fields could be so inspirational?