Connected Educator Month

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With today being the first of August, my reminder app popped up and told me that today was the start of Connected Educators Month. I must have put this into my iPhone when I heard about it at SocialEdCon that happened the day before ISTE got started in San Diego. I remember someone getting up and explaining how it is important for educators that we connect with one another and start to share ideas  on how to move education forward.

When I checked out their website this evening, I found that they have over 80 online events scheduled for this month. 80!

I scrolled down the list and found 10 or 12 activities that interested me right off the bat.

Next, I downloaded the Getting Started Kit so that I wouldn't miss a thing. Going through this guide reminded me of the Spotlight series that Atomic Learning did on Collaborating with a Global Community last year (full of great workshops too).

I am excited with the prospects of this coming month, I hope to find more educators to connect with that are just as crazy about elementary edtech as I am. I find myself getting more and more ideas from my PLN than from anything else in my life, so the more I can add to this the better I get.

So join me in supporting this cause and let's get this ball rolling.

- Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher, Bethke Elementary School