Why My School Uses Atomic Learning #44

20120830-062713.jpg #edtech #atomiclearning I am one of the lucky ones, I work in a school that is growing by leaps and bounds. Which is good for job security, but not so good for workload. Every year I am asked to teach more classes as our school expands, which means I have less and less time for doing my other jobs - like working one on one with teachers to help with their tech skills. This has caused me to rely on Atomic Learning more this year than in the past. Instead of sitting down with a teacher for some training - like our upcoming move to Windows 7, now I send them a link to the Atomic Learning video(s). It works out better for both of us. Atomic Learning provides training that teacher can not only do on their own schedule, but also at their own pace. If they need to watch the video 10 times before they get it, then they can, without the worry of embarrassment. Which is a lot better than having me sitting next to them and checking my watch because I have to get back to my classroom. - Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher, Bethke Elementary