Fun With "Going Mobile" Online Course

#edtech #mlearning #ipaded #atomiclearning

Yesterday afternoon I had a blast filling in for my over-scheduled friend Susan Williams over at Atomic Learning as I facilitated a discussion as part of her blended learning course she is teaching called "Going Mobile." At about 4:30 I got home from teaching and logged into their Adobe Connect account and prepared things on my end as I waited for the educators to join our online discussion.

I got things started by reviewing what they had been learning this past week which turned out to be the SAMR Model, something I ramble on about all the time. Many of them were familiar with the logic behind this model for tech integration, but there needed to be some clarification on how to apply it to lesson planning. I had some in-the-trenches stories to help explain the levels. They then shared how the SAMR Model was applicable to their classroom situations.

Since this next week the participants would be reviewing my Atomic Learning course on authentic assessment using iPads, I took the remainder of the hour to tell them about some of the iPad projects I had been working on since I made the assessment course last June. It is fun to be connected virtually with other educators and share ideas about the exciting reformation of education - some of what is driving this is the use of mobile technologies like the iPad.

It is like all of us educational heretics are starting to unite and organize.

We are going forward, and there is no stopping us -- the status-quo of education is not enough for this type of educators. They are hungry for more and courses like Going Mobile is feeding their appetite for direction and information.

- Brad Flickinger, TechTeacher, Bethke Elementary