Using Technology to Make Our World a Better Place

#edtech #edchat Can students really use technology to improve our world?

Back in 2007 I came across a middle school film contest where the students competed to come up with the best ideas to improve their world. Please watch this link before continuing on. it might give a QuickTime error, but just click the middle and it should start.
Those videos have stuck with me all these years, and just yesterday I returned from a week in Nicaragua helping at an orphanage inspired by these videos. 
But do you hear what I am saying? 
Students back in 2007 made videos that changed me, a grown man, they made me want to do something more, they inspired me to help orphaned children. Students used technology to bring about real change in my life. So the reality is that students really can inspire adults to change, and I am living proof.


My family has been working with two orphanages and a library in Nicaragua for the past three years, largely in part of those videos created by middle school students all those years ago. But what would have happened if their teacher had just done a typical report, seen only by the teacher? Or even if they had made the videos, but were never allowed to put them online for the world to see?
Using technology our students really can make the world, our world, a better place. We just need to guide them, help them and most importantly -- let them. And what we get back is so much better than before.