TIES 2012 Conference Keynote notes

#edtech #ties12 @simonsinek Simon Sinek:

Useless application of technology solves no problem.

Brilliant application solves a human issue.


If tech exists that solves a problem, then we should embrace it - quickly.


First we need to understand how we humans work.

We are better together - groups.

We want to feel like we belong. Common and basic beliefs and values.

Incentives: rewards and punishments. Chemicals in our bodies. 4 chemicals in our bodies for happiness to get us to do things.

Endorphins: hides physical pain. Runner's high.

Dopamine: accomplishments, getting things done. To do lists. Shipping.

These two are selfish chemicals, we can get them ourselves.

The next are socially given:

Serotonin: leadership recognition, when others love and respect of others. Needs to be a public forum. Trust can come from this. Bad side is to get it from "status symbols" items like a fancy car.


Oxytocin: love and trust. Women giving birth. Human contact. Emotional. We need to feel we can trust someone. Acts of generosity. Both the giver and receiver get the chemical. Online relationships don't work well to release this chemical. Greatest thing we can do is to give time and energy. Witnessing acts of generosity also releases the chemical.

Time and energy is essential to crate bonds of trust.

Technology can put this at risk if not used well. But if used right, amazing results.

Think of a teacher that believed in you. The names that they carry around with them the rest of their lives.

Nothing replaces human connection.

Leaders: the Alphas

Leadership is not a rank or a role, it is a responsibility. Put it on the line to protect those under you. Leaders care for others first. Looking after those who serve us.


This following the parenting model. Sacrifice is necessary.

How do we use technology for that?