TIES 2012 Conference Keynote Notes Tuesday

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Here are my notes from this morning's keynote by Tony Wagner, an author and expert on innovation.

Teachers using tech for test prep, there is so much more.

Knowledge is free, so what do we do now?

So what is a teacher for?

The stunning pace of the changing workforce.

The no longer cares how much our kids know, it's what they can do with what they know.

What is the teacher's role?

These are survival skills for today...

- Critical thinking and problem solving. Asking the right questions.

- Collaboration across networks. Peers leading through influence.

- Risk Takers.

- Effective writers and communicators.

- Accessing and analyzing information.

- Curiosity and imagination.

The global achievement gap. What is happening in our schools and what the world needs.

Now we see kids with BA degrees that are unable to get jobs.

What's wrong with this picture?

Innovation is what is needed.

"A creative problem solver."

Curious, creative, imaginative.

These are what's important, but are we "schooling" these skills out of our students.

The teachers who make the greatest difference in successful kids, were outliers of education.

What's wrong: Culture of schooling: - schools celebrate individual success - compartmentalism of information - deeply passive approach to learning - reward compliance - relies on rewards for motivation

There is no innovation without trial and error. "F" is the new "A."

Play, passion and purpose are what is needed.

Sometimes kids need to be bored, to learn how to become un-bored.

We have to create and new way of accountability. Assess the skills that matter most.

Digital portfolio from kindergarten on.

Capstone projects.

Pathbright.com for portfolios.

Motivation: Google rule 20% rule applied to every classroom in America.

The role of the teacher is to be a coach for excellence.

Every teacher needs to be an effective coach. Bring play, passion, and purpose to your teaching.