Starting Your Own iPad iBand - Part 1

#edtech #ipaded #mlearning


August 20, 2012 - iBand Journal Entry No. 1

I met with three fifth grade students this week to see if they could even play a few chords on the iPad. So I downloaded some lyrics that showed the chords for Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day, I know nothing about music so I hoped this going in the right direction.

I started up my iPad and launched GarageBand and selected the smart guitar, I set it to the correct key (F minor) and showed the kids how to strum the guitar on the iPad.

I was surprised at how fast they picked it up, especially John, he had no music experience but played the chords well. After 15 minutes it actually started to sound like the real song. There might be something to this after all so I went to and ordered some lanyards for our Band, you can't have a band without some '"All Access" lanyards.

Brad Flickinger, tech teacher, Bethke Elementary.