PD: Using iPads for Special Education

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Using the iPod and iPad™ in special education is a growing trend. But how do you get started, what is the potential, and what strengths do students need in order to be successful users of this technology? This course will answer those questions and participants will walk away with an implementation plan for a student or classroom to ensure successful use of these technologies. Educators participating in this Atomic Catalyst course will specify the needs of students using iPads in their classroom; later classes will then focus on more specific disability areas (like autism) based on participant needs. If you are a special education teacher who wants to learn more about iPads in the classroom—this course is for you.

Centered around the timely topics of Common Core Standards or the use of mobile devices in the classroom, every six-week Atomic Catalyst PD course includes a weekly instructional webinar led by a highly-qualified facilitator, as well as online resources, collaborative discussions and facilitator feedback to help teachers build and apply new strategies and skills. Course participants may also pay an additional fee to receive graduate credit for their work in the course.

Courses entitled “Transforming Classroom Lessons to Teach Common Core Standards” and “Going Mobile” are also offered. To learn more or register for any of these courses, visit https://store.atomiclearning.com/.