Why My School Uses Atomic Learning Reason #45

#edtech #atomiclearning Remediation: With my elementary school being a high-tech school you cannot imagine how intimidating it can be to a fourth grade child who moves into our school and is now faced with technology that they had never used before. With their classmates flying along using tech at what seems like a hundred miles an hour, the on-ramp can seem very scary.

Which is why I will sit down with parents and review some of the top Atomic Learning tutorials that their child will need study to be ready for an upcoming tech project that uses tech skills that the other students already know. This way their child can then get up to speed at home, with no intimidation or embarrassment. For example, there is a Prezi project starting in a few weeks, so I sent home an email with the link to the Prezi tutorials and the ones I recommend.

With Atomic Learning I can achieve the differentiated instruction I need in my classes for those students who are struggling to keep up with the flow of this new digital world. Students that need extra time to understand a tech skill, can review the online tutorials and come to me with the project specific questions that will help them be more successful in my classroom and the school.

- Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher, Bethke Elementary School