Edcamp Invades ASCD - Shhhhhh!

20130317-100005.jpg #edcamprogue #ascd13 #edchat

Educational heretics unite! Which is what happened yesterday at around 4:00 pm at the ASCD conference in Chicago. While others in Chicago were preparing for an evening of St. Patrick's Day's festivities, that can only happen in the city of Chicago, a group of disruptive educators decided to get together for an impromptu Edcamp conference of their own. Code named: EdcampRogue on Twitter.

Edcamps are these unique get togethers that no one really knows how to classify worse yet, they (The Man) don't know how to control.

This event was put together with about seven minutes of thought, by the usual suspects of stirring of the educational pot; Steven Anderson, Sandra Garcia, and Nicholas Provenzano. They even found a sponsor in Edutopia in that time. With no more marketing than a few tweets, they soon had a group of 30+ educators skipping out of sessions they were suppose to be attending so they could be part of something more. Something that says, I want more than the status quo from a conference, if I want to attend a session on "Why Common Core Sucks," then I should be able to.

Those who attended learned more about the Edcamp model and how to use Twitter more effectively.

And then, without warning, it was over, the crowd dispersed and we all went about our business. Doing the things our administrators think we should be doing when we attend conferences, like attending the prim and proper sessions.

64 minutes of Ed-Conference Heaven gone, but not forgotten. VIVA LA EDCAMP!