Coming Soon: Common Core & Special Needs Training

Is your district struggling to understand the basics of the Common Core State Standards and how to prepare students with special education needs to meet or exceed those standards? Atomic Learning's new series by Amanda Peters focuses on new challenges and opportunities presented by the Common Core for learners with disabilities. Check out the video intro below.

This course can be useful for all educators who need to understand the Common Core, not just special education teachers. It provides an overview of standards that call for technology, something every educator working on helping students reach the Common Core Standards needs to know. This training also provides helpful suggestions on assistive technology that may be used to help students with disabilities. Key ideas addressed in this video:

  • Standards related to technology within the Common Core
  • Preparing for assessment with the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium and the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers
  • English language arts assistive tech solutions
  • Math practices and assistive tech solutions

This course will be available for customers subscribing to Atomic TechCore and Atomic Assist. Don't have access? Request more information about how your school can prepare students with special education needs to master the Common Core State Standards.