Social Learner Part 1

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Back in 2010, just after I had returned from working at an orphanage in Nicaragua, I started to think about how I might involve more students in the world around them. At the time a new word had entered my vocabulary; social entrepreneurialism. People who build businesses, successful businesses, whose purpose is to now only make money but also to improve their world. This concept captured my imagination as an educator and I wondered in some of these same ideals could be included in what I do as an elementary school technology teacher. That was when I coined a new word; Social Learner. A student who learns how to improve their world while at the same time learning the regular academics.

I remember at the time worrying about how I would find time to squeeze in any more learning into an already completely booked day? But over these past years I have learned many tips and tricks as I designed my Elementary School iPad Tech Curriculum. The turning point came when I finally learned that the trick was not to add more to my teaching schedule, but instead I learned to replace most of the subjects I was teaching with new "social learner" centered topics.

In the weeks ahead I will share my experiences as I explain how I ended up now living in Panama City, Panama, as I pursued my dreams for students to learn how to improve their world. 


T-shirts designed by students to support sea turtles.