Making a Broadcast Studio the Vehicle for Learning


For sometime I have been considering the power of a student-run broadcast studio. In my past school the student ran a very successful podcasting studio that had nearly 10,000 subscribers on iTunes, and now in my new school I have built a full-featured broadcasting studio. In my previous studio we could only publish audio webcasts and my new one allows for video as well. 

By adding video, things got a lot more complicated but also better. Video allows so much more expression. We can now feature so much more student-made content. Yesterday we finished episode 9, but already the kids are getting the hang of it. You can check out our YouTube Channel here:

Now about it being the vehicle for learning. You see, by having this broadcasting studio, the students here at The Metropolitan School of Panama have access to a much broader audience than ever before. In fact, that is the whole point of it. By publishing on the web, students want to do their best work. It allows them to really raise the bar of what is possible with student produced work. Teachers will soon start to use the studio as motivate for the best possible work, because this generation loves to have their work online.

Already, with just nine episodes under our belt, I am so pleased with the work of these young students. But just you wait to see what is coming next...