3D Printers at CES

I have been interested in 3D printers for my school for years, but I've been singing the U2 song "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." I sing this because no one has really ever shown me WHY my school needs one. Sure, people show my all the chachkies that they can make with them: chess pieces, key chain FOBs, etc. I have been to a quite a few maker faires that have a lot of 3D printers that are churning out a lot of crap. Crap, by the way, that takes hours to print. 

So when I stumbled into the 3D printer area of CES I was pesimistic of what I might find. But at the first booth I stopped at, BQ Witbox, there they had it, a robotic kit that students "print" all the parts to make a robot, attach the sensors and such to, then program the robot. Now I was getting excited. It was explained to me that students can modify the robot in any way they want before printing.  (See photo below)

Then a couple of booths over I came across STEAMtrax, who make 3D printer curriculum for schools. Finally, I found the reason to have 3D printers in schools. 2 minutes into their presentation I was sold. All the time and expense to get to CES was now worth what I have just found from these two vendors.


A 3D printed robot.