Why so many rules?

As I walk the hallways of the MET I am constantly being stopped by the students and asked about the rules we have for the MacBooks and iPads.  Since I was the one in the video, I guess it is only fair that I get all the questions.

"Mr. Flick," they start, "why can't I change my background image?"

The technology rules are a culmination of the collaboration between the IT department, administration and the teachers. We looked at anything that might impede the educational work here at the MET and then we tried to improve things so that nothing gets in the way of great learning.

Now I know you are probably thinking to yourself, how on earth does a background image slow down the educational work of a student at the MET?

By allowing students to make changes to the settings, three things happen:

1. Students start to get the impression that the piece of technology somehow belongs to them and not to the school. They then want to start installing personal files, music, etc. Which then fills the tech with non-academic files, and then when they go to save a research paper -- there is no room left on the device.

2. Some students change their settings daily, they are always trying to find the funniest of trendiest background to show off to their friends, and then their friends all want to change their background images to keep up. Hours are wasted each week as students get stuck in this endless cycle.

3. When IT comes to work on a device, they can wast hours trying to find the problem due to all the changes that have been made to the device. So to make things easier for IT we try to keep each device the same.

So there you have, the reasons why students can't change their background image.

Mr. Flick