Respect for Creators


On the slightly less idealistic and more foundational level, we also need to help students become safe, savvy, and responsible users of technology. Before they begin sharing their inspired creations with the world, they need to have a sound grasp of technology best practices. Today’s students are all digital students, and we have the task of guiding them as they navigate all of the opportunities and pitfalls that technology offers. From the basics of internet safety to the gray areas of copyright laws to the management of one’s online reputation, there are so many important topics that often get overlooked in schools. A badge program can easily, and should, incorporate all of these skills. And, as students become creators and communicators, they also gain empathy and identification with other creators of online material. This naturally leads them to develop respect for other people’s creations and opinions. As they become empowered students, they realize the great potential for good that technology has, helping them rise above the level of mindless, or even negative, uses of technology.