Looking for Summer Professional Development?

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Have you been wanting to learn more about technology integration but had problems finding the time, or confused about where to start? Are you less-than-enthusiastic about boring professional development that doesn't seem related to what's happening in your classroom? Or do you understand the basics of technology integration, but you would like to see new ideas? Let my friends over at Atomic Learning help!

Watch their blog for weekly posts on technology integration professional development that will make utilizing technology in your classroom simple. From classroom projects to big idea workshops, they'll make sure you have the tools you need to engage your students in the fall!

Need more incentive? Often, professional development on the Atomic Learning website can be used for your state licensing requirements. Make sure to check with your district's staff development team to learn about the requirements.

Don't have an Atomic Learning license? Ask your district administrators to request information about how Atomic Learning solutions can help make tech integration easy.

- Brad

Bringing Social Stories to Life Workshop

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My friends over at Atomic Learning are offering this online training workshop that explores the different technologies you can use to bring new life to social stories in the context of arriving at school. Arriving at school can be difficult for many students with ASD because it's an unstructured time which can be noisy, and there is the opportunity to interact with other students.

As we create our social story, we will explore the different features of Explain Everything, Puppet Pals, StoryBook Creator Pro and iMovie® so that we can compare the features and get a sense for the most appropriate tool for individual situations. You will also have a chance to view the finished story created by each of these apps.

Not an Atomic Learning subscriber, but want to utilize this workshop in your  school? Request a demo.

Great Presentation at ASCD

#edtech #ascd13 #atomiclearningIf you are going to ASCD in Chicago, I'llsee you there. Don't forget to stop by booth #541 and chat with my friends from Atomic Learning, Susan and Chris about some of their new solutions for schools. Also, be sure to check out Susan's session: Improving Student Learning Through Teacher Technology Training. For a preview of the session, check out this video:


TITLE: Improving Student Learning Through Teacher Technology Training SESSION #: 1450 DAY: Saturday, March 16, 2013 TIME: 5:00 - 6:30 pm PRESENTER: Susan Williams

Why my school uses Atomic Learning - reason 46

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They're always fresh, never stale.

With education reform being such a hot-button topic in our country, us edtech people are being constantly sucked into the mix of reform ideas. Which is why I need to up-to-date on all the latest tech trends and ideas.

I don't know where they have their crystal ball tucked away in their Little Falls offices, but they seem to be ahead of the curve with these new emerging edtech ideas. The other day I needed a case study on a district using PD to implement and differentiate tech instruction, sure enough they had one. http://al.atomiclearning.com/methacton

You can see for the attached photo of the front page dashboard that they cover everything from tech and the Common Core Standards to mobile learning.

Now all I need is a few minutes with their crystal ball to see about tech recommendation that is due on my principal's desk this Friday.

- Brad Flickinger, tech teacher, Bethke Elementary

Atomic Learning iPad App Review

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After coming down from the high of upgrading from my old iPhone 4 to the new iPhone 5, I had to get back down to the business of tech teaching.

Since I have given up on the idea of lugging around my MacBook Pro in lieu of just my iPhone and iPad I was happy to see that the Atomic Learning app is now available in the App Store.

Next week I need to teach my fourth graders the art of video game design using Scratch. So that was the first thing I searched for and look at all of the great tutorials I found...


The videos played beautifully on my 3rd gen iPad, and the best part of all is having the "second screen" which means, while the tutorial played on my iPad I followed along on my school's desktop Windows XP machine. No more having to click between two computer windows.

- Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher, Bathke Elementary

Atomic Learning iPad Apps Coming Soon

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This morning while going to the Atomic Learning website on my iPad, a window popped up as soon the page loaded informing me that they had just detected that I was accessing their website on my iPad and then informed me they will soon have an iPad app.


Having access to the Atomic Learning workshops and tutorials on my iPad through an app is a dream come true. I can't wait to see it.

I'll let you know when it comes out.

- Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher, Bethke Elementary School

New eBook from Atomic Learning Published

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I opened my email this morning to find that Atomic Learning has published a new free eBook entitled MOVING EDUCATION FORWARD. It is available as a PDF from the link below:


Here is the copy of the email:

This ebook investigates the challenges to effectively using technology in the classroom and discusses key points of an effective technology integration program.

Here's an excerpt from the Preface by Tim Holt:

Would a pilot from, say, 75 years ago feel at home in the cockpit of a modern jet? Would a surgeon from the 1890's be able to operate in a modern operating room? Would a soda jerk from the 50's have any idea how to ring up a sale in a modern McDonalds? I don't think so. Those professionals have moved forward. Moved with technology and adapted their facilities and methodologies to the times.

When will education follow suit?

Atomic Learning is committed to integrating technology into the classroom, and we offer this resource in the spirit of that mission. The ideas presented in this ebook will help you gain the confidence and motivation to use technology to enhance the learning experience.

I am going to download it and review it in a later post.

- Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher, Bethke Elementary School